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Peaks and Professors FAQ

This club looks pretty sweet. Who started it? Why?

Peaks and Professors is the brainchild of one Allegra Bishop, who, since she was but a wee lass, dreamt of one day chilling with some sick professors in the California wild, bro. In September of the year of our Lord 2013, that fleeting and strangely explained dream became a solid reality.

What kind of trips are you expecting to do?

Weekend, day-long hikes, about 4-5 hours each, just long enough for a midday lunch, and perfect for getting to know our faculty outside of school hours. We have also completed numerous overnight excursions, which are twice the time and ten times the fun!

Alright, so I'm hooked. How do I sign up?

Excellent question! The short story made shorter: we let our email list know of trip waves, two per semester. Once the website opens its gates at a designated time, you can sign-up for a trip “ticket”. We limit our trip sizes to around 15 students – as much interaction with professors as possible. And then you go hiking!

For the short story made longer, check out our sign-up how-to.

I'm really hooked, and have some ideas that I can't believe you guys haven't thought of. How can I let you know?

Excellent question! And there’s an excellent chance you’ve thought of something we’d love to hear – we’re almost as new to this as you are. Professor that you love and would want to hike with? Mountain you’ve conquered that you think we could, too? Hit us up!

We have a brand new suggestion system, so let us know what PEAKS or PROFESSORS we should look into.

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