Trip: Echo Mountain w/ Julie Suh

Echo Mountain w/ Julie Suh


DATE: November 5th
TIME: 07:30 AM – 02:00 PM

Come see if you can keep up with Levanthal's fitness fanatic, kombucha-loving and raw vegan food-cooking professor, Julie Suh, as we hike Echo Mountain! She was recently awarded Marshall and Levanthal's student-chosen, Golden Apple Award for Mentorship last semester and is overall known as a hilarious, extremely dedicated and caring accounting professor. Professor Suh will also be bringing her THREE adorable dogs on the hike, warning though, they're super fast hikers!

Echo Mountain w/ Julie Suh

PEAK: Echo Mountain

  • PEAK Difficulty
  • {difficulty} This 5.5 mile hike with approximately 1500 feet of elevation gain will be manageable for new and old hikers.
  • {scenery} We will get to explore the ruins of a resort called "The White City" built on the mountain in the 1890s, as well as what remains of the train tracks used to transport passengers. Maybe we'll see a ghost! (just kidding, hopefully)
  • {fun fact} Ditch your smartphone for the "Echo Phone" at the ruins site, and you just might have the chance to talk to a hiker on a different part of the trail.

Echo Mountain w/ Julie Suh


  • {department} Accounting
  • {interests} Professor Suh is known for her hilarious accounting lectures, Trader Joe's snack-filled midterm review sessions and slight obsession with Microsoft Excel (she wrote a book to teach students Excel called "Model Like a Boss"). Beyond teaching financial and managerial accounting, she also teaches an honors research course for accounting students that integrates coding and has conducted her own research in voluntary disclosure, CEO compensation and corporate governance.