Trip: Mishe Mokwa Trail w/ Jesse Levitt

Mishe Mokwa Trail w/ Jesse Levitt Mishe Mokwa Trail w/ Jesse Levitt


DATE: November 11th
TIME: 07:30 AM – 02:30 PM

Add your name to the Sandstone Peak notebook at the summit as miles and miles of Southern California coastline and mountains unfold before you! Sandstone peak, otherwise known as Mount Allen is a moderate hike in the Malibu area with great and varied scenery, well-maintained trails, and many landmarks and side trails to explore. We will be hiking with Professor Levitt who has received an impressive rating of 4.8 on Rate My Professors. One student proclaims he is hilarious, inspirational, and taught him that you can peel a tree if you tried carefully. Ready for some more fun facts and a beautiful view of the Santa Monica Mountains? Join us!

Mishe Mokwa Trail w/ Jesse Levitt

PEAK: Sandstone Peak

  • PEAK Difficulty
  • {difficulty} The hike is a 6.1 mile loop with 1656 feet of elevation gain so it will be a challenge for novice hikers and moderate for intermediate beginners.
  • {scenery} This trail is located in the Santa Monica Mountains near the border of Los Angeles and Ventura County. Along the hike there will be views of the valley, the Pacific Ocean, and the mountains to the east, landmarks including Balancing Rock and Split Rock, and we will stop by Inspiration Point.
  • {fun fact} It is the highest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains at 3,114 feet.

Mishe Mokwa Trail w/ Jesse Levitt

PROFESSOR: Jesse Levitt

  • {department} Math
  • {interests} This is Professor Levitt's second hike with the club and second year at USC! He is an outdoor enthusiast with interests in cycling, sailing, hiking, and swimming. He has publications in both Mathematics and Astronomy so there will be plenty to talk about on our hike for those who appreciate the outdoors.