Trip: Santa Ynez Falls w/ Andy Campbell

Santa Ynez Falls w/ Andy Campbell Santa Ynez Falls w/ Andy Campbell


DATE: November 5th
TIME: 08:30 AM – 01:30 PM

Weezy Dai

We disagree with TLC, come chase waterfalls with USC's newest, coolest, best-dressed Roski professor. The rivers and lakes can wait, you'll be having too good of a time on this easy hike through a shady creek-side trail. There may or may not be a waterfall, but there will definitely be ~deep~ discussions and a constant snack supply. Maybe if you're lucky Andy will call you a unicorn like he called this trip lead a unicorn. She passed away right then & there. RIP in peace.

Santa Ynez Falls w/ Andy Campbell

PEAK: Santa Ynez Falls

  • PEAK Difficulty
  • {difficulty} ~Chill~ hike that's not too long and not too steep.
  • {scenery} H2O, greens, rocks, calming stream sounds. So dreamy you'll practically be sleeping in.

Santa Ynez Falls w/ Andy Campbell

PROFESSOR: Andy Campbell

  • {department} Fine Arts, Critical Studies
  • {interests} Andy Campbell, PhD, is an art historian, critic, and curator. His scholarly and curatorial work explores the identity-based politics of sexuality, queerness, race, and feminism, addressing how these movements manifest themselves in visual culture. With over a decade of experience in higher education and museum institutions, Campbell's projects focus on the juncture of identity-based political movements, visual culture, and art's histories.
  • {ratemyprofessor} "He's so chill. Best professor for this year. Love the way he dresses, especially his glasses."