Trip: Scholl Canyon & Picnic w/ Darby Saxbe

Scholl Canyon & Picnic w/ Darby Saxbe Scholl Canyon & Picnic w/ Darby Saxbe


DATE: November 12th
TIME: 10:00 AM – 01:30 PM

David Gregg

Looking for something especially on the ~chill~ and ~mellow~ end of the spectrum? Join psychology Professor Darby Saxbe and her two kids (ages 5 and 8) on this Saturday lunchtime outing. We'll be doing a short hike at Scholl Canyon before sitting down for a real picnic (like a picnic out of the movies, minus the cliche red and white checkered blanket and woven basket). Note: your signup fee will pay for your LUNCH, food selection to be determined democratically before the trip.

Scholl Canyon & Picnic w/ Darby Saxbe

PEAK: Scholl Canyon

  • PEAK Difficulty
  • {difficulty} Nothing tough here, just a short 2 mile round trip. The hardest part might be staying awake on the ride home after stuffing yourself!
  • {scenery} A small neighborhood canyon in Glendale, views of the Eagle Rock neighborhood.

Scholl Canyon & Picnic w/ Darby Saxbe

PROFESSOR: Darby Saxbe

  • {department} Psychology
  • {interests} Professor Saxbe directs the NEST (NeuroEndocrinology of Social Ties) Lab, which deals with the development of children and families. Their current projects include transitions into parenthood and the "Fathering Brain."
  • {ratemyprofessor} "Dr. Saxbe is by far the best professor I've ever had. [...] I WOULD RECOMMEND HER TO ANYONE! TAKE EVERY CLASS POSSIBLE WITH HER!"